Let's Go Sell Something!

Let's Go Sell Something!

A SOLDIER'S CHILD FOUNDATION - 9th Annual Golf Scramble

by Comas Montgomery Realty & Auction Co., Inc.


A SOLDIER`S CHILD FOUNDATION - 9th Annual Golf Scramble
1830 NW Broad St
Murfreesboro, TN 37129


A Soldier's Child 9th Annual Golf Scramble

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Conducted By

Comas Montgomery Realty & Auction Co., Inc.

817 S. Church St.
Murfreesboro, TN 37130

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ASC’s 9th Annual Golf Scramble
“Operation: Celebrity Chip-In”
Monday, October 9th, 11:30 a.m. Shotgun Start

Stones River Country Club
1830 NW Broad Street, Murfreesboro, TN 37129

It is with great pride that A Soldier’s Child Foundation (ASC) has formed a partnership with Blue Collar Comedian, Reno Collier, to host our 9th Annual Golf Scramble “Operation: Celebrity Chip-In”.  Our goal is to reach out to folks that would have a heart for the Children of our Fallen American Defenders of Freedom. We often ask folks to invest their “time, talent or treasure” back to the children left behind. Our organization has been blessed, as many average American citizens have given back in all 3 categories.

The passionate sentiment behind ASC is the realization that we have our kids and they have us. Yet, so many children are growing up in our country without a mom or dad because their parent died defending the liberties and freedoms we get to live-out with our families. These kids are at risk and are deserving of our attention. Every family member of our fallen asks two simple questions, “Did it matter and does anyone even care?” We at ASC aim to answer those questions with a resounding, “Yes, It Did Matter and We Do Care!”

Here are some facts about our organization:

  • ASC serves the children of the fallen in all 5 U.S. military branches. 
  • ASC recognizes all deaths while on active duty, and service related deaths.   
  • Currently, we celebrate an average of 200 birthdays each month in all 50 states, serving close to 3,000 children.
  • We began with one child in June of 2008.
  • ASC operates on a very large volunteer base.

ASC has 3 Points of Service for the children of our fallen:
#1 We celebrate their birthdays every year up to the age 18.
#2 We offer a summer “Journey Camp” experience for our ASC kids between the ages of 8 – 17.
Also hunting, fishing, science, dance and leadership development weekend mini camps.
​#3 We facilitate in college scholarships for our ASC children through our partners at CFPF.


We currently receive funding through our own fundraising events, independent fundraisers, our Sponsor A Child program, small business donations and corporate sponsorships. 

ASC RECEIVES NO GOVERNMENT FUNDING, WE HAVE NEVER APPLIED FOR A GOVERNMENT GRANT AND WE NEVER WILL. We take pride communicating the fact that we began as a citizen initiative honoring our military families, and we will remain as one.    

Thank you for considering the donation of your time, talent and treasure to our national treasure: The Children of our Fallen American Heroes. Call us, email us, - Help us, Help them.  WE NEED YOU!!

Daryl JW Mackin                                                      
ASC Foundation Founder/Executive Director                 
[email protected] - 615-427-2970 cell                

ASC Golf Director - Andy Dechira  MGSgt USMC – Retired
Golf Committee Chairperson / ASC Volunteer
[email protected] - 615-542-0323 cell


"We are warriors and as warriors have gone before us, we fight and sometimes die so that our families don't have to."   

U.S. Marine Staff Sgt. Marcus Andrew "Marc" Golczynski (1977 – 2007)